Ethanol, part ii

Promise I’ll get back to writing about music soon. But this is my site, my rules so you’ll just have to shine it on a little longer.

In the wake of my post Ethanol, and the kind and caring responses that arrived, I want to clear up a small number of misconceptions that people may have about alcoholism. The facts are:

  1. Alcoholism is not about getting drunk
  2. Alcoholism is not about partying, getting wasted, or waking up with a hangover
  3. You probably know several alcoholics without knowing it
  4. Nobody becomes an alcoholic simply because they really, really like alcohol

I am an alcoholic, but you will rarely find me drunk. I hate being drunk. I’m not pretending that it never happens, but I am unhappy and ashamed when it does. And bored. Bored of it.

I drink to get sober. I drink in order to reach normality. To feel like how I imagine the real humans must feel all the time.

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